Crazy Creatures at the Halifax Embroiderer’s Guild !

  ….. not the members of the Halifax Embroiderer’s Guild obviously ! This was the workshop I ran for them this weekend ! We had great fun creating some quite whacky and some fairly scary Crazy Creatures. We started by layering fabrics in a ‘free’ foundation piecing style, then added facial features and lots of embellishment and hand embroidery.   img_6994 img_6989 img_6997 img_6992 img_7003   Finally, hair and ears were added before the creatures were stitched and stuffed. Here are some of the finished results ! …….   img_6999 img_7000 img_7001 img_7002 This little crew were my examples I took to show the group ….. img_7008   …… and these are just a few more of the dolls my Mum and I have made over the years ….   img_6985 img_6987 img_6986   So, back in the real world …. Maxine, Jackie and Lily came for one of their now regular visits. They always come with lots of ideas of things they would like to do and this session was no exception !   We had a ‘Print and Stitch’ day which was superb fun, Jackie chose a very tricky design but she did an amazing piece of work ! This is the lino block she cut ……img_6953   and this is the print onto fabric …..   img_6954 Maxine made several lovely prints in an Angie Lewin style …   img_6951     and Lily did a large pink flower …   img_6949     As it was the school holidays they managed to fit another visit to the studio in too ! Max started work on a traditional style crewel work embroidery design, but is working it in stranded cottons instead of wool …..   img_6981 Lily decided to develop the idea she started at the ‘Print and Stitch’ day with Kev, and made 3 more pieces of work to complement it. One in buttons, one which she drew, and one in applique …..   img_6984 … I hope she shows her work to her art and textiles teachers at school !   img_6977   Another group who decided to have a special day out in the holidays were Theresa and her daughter and granddaughters. They wanted to learn beginners embroidery. We made some beautiful cottage garden embroidery pictures in the morning and felt birds and hearts after lunch…..   img_6970 I was so impressed with them all, but couldn’t believe how Hattie, aged 7 …..   img_6971 …. and Isla, aged just 4 !!!!! ……..   img_6965 …… managed to concentrate on their stitching all day and produce such lovely work with very little help ! (How cute is she ?!!)   Two slightly older girls, Janet and Justine, came for a day out too –   img_6963   This is the Crazy Patchwork book cover Justine was working on – she added lots of stitch and embellishment once she got home …..   img_6959   I ran a session on my ‘Goldwork Inchies’ project at the shop. This is a good way to experiment with the many techniques and materials used in Goldwork. I didn’t get any photos on the day, but the following are the samples Ella and I worked for this course. I put these two photos on the ‘Goldwork Guild’ page on Facebook and they got lots of favourable comments – a number of people wanting to know if we sold kits for this project … might think about doing some !   img_6876 img_6874 Ella has also worked this amazing owl in Goldwork – she really is a star !   20160906_201357   So, other things I’ve been up to – we went to London for the Notting Hill Carnival – good, but too much walking for my soon to be replaced knees ! Also went to the V&A as I wanted to have a look at the Elizabethan textiles – just stunning !, plus some amazing stumpwork caskets and mirror frames – I especially loved the one which hadn’t been completed as you could see the drawn outlines on the fabric for the embroiderer to work. I also went to the Trades Club in Hebden Bridge, always a fab experience, with Tom, Beckie and Kev to see a band called Ozric Tentacles, and another called Tetchi. Both psychedelic dance type music. Unfortunately Kev had gone in a white shirt so when the UV lights came on he could be seen from several miles away !!   20160902_203650-1