A Fabbadabbadoo Day at the Fabbadashery !

Had another fab day at the Fabbadashery yesterday. Lots of fun rag rugging, chatting, drinking tea and eating cream cakes. What could be better ?!! Some lovely pieces of work started , including recycling  baby clothes to make a rug with very special memories , a hanging using beautiful silk fabrics, a gold and rust

My Folksy Shop !

I have finally got my Folksy shop up and running – didn’t realise it would be quite so involved, but I think it looks good now it’s done.   I have listed a number of items including rugs, kits, bags and corsages, and will regularly add to the items available.   I am running 2 more rag rugging

Out and About !

Little RaggedyAnnie has had a busy few days this week. Whilst the weather has been so lovely she has made the most of it, visiting some of her favourite local places. She had a day at Holmfirth with her nieces and caused a few comments while she tried on Compo’s wellies ! Had a lovely

Rag Rugging at the Fabbadashery.

Had another busy, but fun, day yesterday with a lively group of ladies who wanted to learn rag rugging. We went through all the techniques of cutting the fabric and preparing the hessian, and the different ways of working a ‘Proddy rug’, and then they were away ! By the time we finished there were

Crazy Creatures !

I had a great evening yesterday with a lovely group of girls who wanted to make ‘Stuffed Softies’ ! We started off with some basic patterns, but being a creative and imaginative bunch they were soon inventing their own designs for creatures.         Although this course isn’t listed on my programme it

Well hello everyone !!

This is RaggedyAnnie’s diary, where I will be letting you know what I’ve been making, interesting places I’ve been and activities and events I have planned for the future . Yes, I know I’m a rag doll, but you’d be surprised what an exciting life I have !     I have been busy producing my